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The "real story" behind the federal seizure of the most famous dinosaur in paleontology—"Sue," the largest and most complete T. rex in the world. REX APPEAL reveals the details in the custody and criminal cases—as well as the science that continued unabated.


Now the subject of DINOSAUR 13, Todd Douglas Miller's new documentary, in theaters starting August 15, 2014! See the trailer below; watch on NETFLIX; for any remaining theater engagements near you, click here.


The "Sue T.rex  documentary." Based on the book REX APPEAL. World premiere at Sundance 2014; distributed by Lionsgate and CNNFilms. Director: Todd Douglas Miller; Cinematography: Thomas Petersen; Music: Matt Morton.

Traverse City - worldwide screening.
Dino13 sold out in Traverse City.
Lined up at the State, Traverse City
The line for Dinosaur 13!
Ferry from Wisconsin to Michigan.
The ferry across Lake Michigan.
AFI director Bob Gazzale with clan.
AFI / Washington & MD.
Stan cast at Discovery HQ.
Q&A - Silver Theater / AFIDocs.
Dinosaur 13 - original cut.
Kieth Merrill awards Best Doc - BHFF
Black Hills Film Fest - the team.
Sundance 2014
Photo shoot - Sundance.
Entertainment Weekly online.
LA Times - Sundance
Todd on a doc panel - Sundance.
NOT skiing at Sundance.
Interviews at Sundance.
Q&A at Sundance.
Outside the Tower Theater. Sundance.
Tower Theater - Sundance.
Opening night - Sundance.
Our name in lights! Sundance.
The famous Egyptian in Park City.
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