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Pete and Kristin have worked together on paleo projects since 1993. They have worked in the field, in the lab, and on the road—speaking to audiences around the country. Children, adults, museum enthusiasts, everyone who loves a good story and a dangerous, extinct creature or two.


PETER LARSON picked up his first fossil at age four and never stopped. He is the founder of the world’s largest independent fossil company, Black Hills Institute of Geological Research. The company not only has placed fossils in virtually every major natural history museum—but also has caused an unparalleled impact on the fields of paleontology and the law. Peter and his crew have excavated ten Tyrannosaurus rexes and hundreds of other dinosaurs, providing the raw materials for Peter’s new scientific theories on everything from dinosaur gender to elusive ideas about the behavior of extinct creatures. He also fought the federal government in the largest, most publicized, precedent-setting criminal trial over fossils ever. His view of his science is unlike anyone else’s.


Writer KRISTIN DONNAN has won several journalism awards through the South Dakota Press Women’s association, as well as the prestigious Bush Artists Fellowship. She first translated science into English for McCall’s magazine and then investigated controversial legal cases for NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries. Meanwhile, she wrote film scripts, fiction and non-fiction works, and searched for her first book project. It arrived in the form of a T. rex named Sue—a dinosaur who lived in her hometown in South Dakota. What she didn’t expect was how dinosaurs would change her personal life. She continues to write nonfiction and fiction works for print and screen.


Dogs Making a Difference

Kristin's company, Rockin' Dog Studio, LLC, is about making cool communications. Kristin and her team—designer Sid Spelts, primarily, with occasional assistance from other experts—write, edit, design, lay out, print, and otherwise cause to be created books, screenplays, magazines and magazine articles, websites, and promotional material. They also assist with community development, branding, strategic planning, business plans, and monumental sculpture project development. Reach us here.


Photo "Leaping Dogs" by Layne Kennedy. (Thanks, Layne!)

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