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By the team who can take you inside the world of paleontology—and the lives of the people who discover, excavate, prepare, and assemble the world's best fossils and cast replicas. You'll find the comprehensive story of Sue and the Black Hills Institute's other T. rexes, along with the personal and legal story associated with that fossil. You'll also find the best book about how to learn about paleontology—and start "thinking like a scientist."


Not to mention: stay tuned for revisions of these books, as well as a brand new project about the seven most talented and prolific professional paleontologists on the planet.



The original, behind-the-scenes story of Sue the T. rex—and the man who loved her best, Peter Larson. The stirring tale encompasses both the evolving science of the world's most popular meat-eater...and paleontology's most controversial legal battle.



First editions (hardback) are still available; the story is being revised as we speak.



A riveting saga, tailor-made for the movies.

Niles Eldridge, American Museum of Natural History


The book anyone who loves dinosaurs must have!

Robert Bakker, PhD, author of  The Dinosaur Heresies


A great story of government greed and cutting-edge science.

Lloyd Dobyns, former host of NBC News Overnight

A wonderfully generous invitation to the joys of paleontology! This is the book I wish I had when I was ten. And fifteen. And in college. And when I got my first job teaching paleontology. Bones Rock! tells you how to be a dino detective. Listen carefully.

Robert Bakker, PhD, author of  Raptor Red and Maximum Triceratops


Bones Rock! is the perfect book for aspiring young paleontologists, dinosaur lovers, and devotees of Earth Science. 

Sally M. Walker, Author and Children's Literature Consultant


This book is a 'must have.' I recommend it with highest enthusiasm.

David Brock, National Science Teachers Association



The children's book that changed children's books—and made adults interested in discovering paleontology. (It even made them think they just might be able to understand their children.)

This volume is out of print, but is being revised right now.



An upcoming work detailing today's reality of the world's premier professional paleontologists. From the  United States, to Canada, to Switzerland, to Germany, we follow the work and discoveries—and scientific contributions—of the men who populate our planet's museums with our most precious bits of history.

Stay tuned for more.

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